Membership Qualifications
Membership is open to any Mustang enthusiast who possesses a valid driver's license, carries the minimum insurance required by Colorado State Law, is approved by a majority vote of the directors and pays the current dues. Dues are $30.00 per calendar year, prorated to $15.00 after July 1st.

The club BYLAWS were last updated in 2013. To view a copy, click here.

The Early Mustang Club, Inc., is the Club for anyone who likes driving and displaying the 1964 1/2 through 1973 classic Mustang. You will find the EMC a very friendly, informal Club with members who have a great deal of knowledge about these early cars. Individuals desiring membership in the Club should submit this application along with yearly dues of $30.00 payable to The Early Mustang Club, Inc. Membership is subject to approval by the Club's Board of Directors.

Download Application here.

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